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Started by tastefulmrship, 11:19, 09 August 21

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New demo from Oneman (aka Buckethead) released yesterday called Bucket In Space... and very nice it is, too!
bucket in space by Oneman :: pouë (


Cheers for that, YT vid will be published tomorrow.


I guess this demo was a bit overlooked! If you were on holidays when it was released (like I was), take your time to watch it!
It is simple but with many interactions with the (lovely and original) music. Plus a moving 3D starfield. What do you think of it @cpcitor ?

Well done BucketHead/OneMan!

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Thanks @Targhan for asking mentioning me, else I wouldn't have noticed.

Nice little demo with an original atmosphere.

Mode 0, mostly a 3D starfield with music, a word, a... mushroom ? (atomic ?) and a probably-true-3D dithered 6-perspective-circle-halos pattern.

The starfield has not many stars but motion direction evolves smoothly with time, which is nice.

Looks like there is much time-based dithering, both in the foot of the mushroom and in the probably-true-3D dithered 6-perspective-circle-halos pattern, which allows to show dimmer blue than the normal plain CPC dim blue.

Seeing this on Youtube does not faithfully reproduce the experience. Even on an emulator, a display tuned to 50Hz is necessary to avoid ugly flicker, and the emulator must be 50Hz-capable (cpcec is okay, rvm renders 25Hz on mu machine). Best would be on a real CPC.

Congrats to Oneman/Buckethead!
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