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Phreaks by Condense RELEASED !

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Download link :

Hope you will like this prod.  ;)


--- Quote from: norecess on 21:44, 16 December 10 ---Download link :

Hope you will like this prod.  ;)

--- End quote ---

Pah!!! annoying me with this and that and..... and wanting me to write an advertising? ???

And you just find 8 words, 1 point, 1 double-point and a link?
 :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Well not with me!  8)

Here you go:

Condense released a new CPC demo today!
You surely know the "State Of The Art" demo...
And the guys from Condense made it now for our beloved CPC!


So don't miss it on your local CPC now!

You'll find it here:

Great Idea, great job. I like that time lapse moves :-)))

What a cool demo!  :)   What frame rate did you manage to get?
I loved "State of the Art" and because of this I also started to write a "version" (I used the iPod advert dancers instead) but found my compression routines sucked and didn't finish it  :( 

Reminds me to my small advert demo I made once for JavaCPC :D


Press 1 or 2 to choose music :D


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