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Pouet spy

Started by krusty, 14:25, 22 June 23

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For those that have not followed CPC (or any platform) activities since a while, do not want to regularly look at pouet, or want to follow the comments of their demo on http://pouet, here is a simple command line python that browse pouet at your place and provide you the links you have missed.
Of course, the first time, it considers you have missed all.

here is the link:

you need to be able to install python and dependencies to use it


Oh that's nice! Thanks for sharing.

How does it compare to the native pouet rss? 


I admit that I have never used the RSS functionality.

I would guess the difference are:
- you launch my tool at your convenience
- it can make automatic check on the quality of the prods page (ATM only the life of download link, but it is just a matter of imagination to add other things). Useful only for demomakers on their own page
- you select what kind of information is display (0/several groups/platforms)
- you can update the python script to represent the information as you want


Since I launched this command last week
python.exe .\ -p "Amstrad CPC" -g 253
a new prod has been released and the tool indicated it (yes to launch the command is faster that to browse pouet or cpcwiki ;))

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