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Still looking for a graphic artist

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What Targhan said. Also, perhaps you need to be a bit specific regarding what you need.

Bug Powell:
rexbeng: i need at least one overscan picture, one or two logos, and some colors advices.

Then you need more than a graphist, you also need someone that is good in design. Which needs even more involvement from someone who doesn't know you and what you're capable of. I'm afraid no one will follow you unless they know more about you. I believe the only realistic way is, for your first demo, either do everything on your own, or bring along one of your C64 colleague (It would bring a fresh eye on CPC !).

Shaun M. Neary:

--- Quote from: Bug Powell on 17:06, 15 August 21 --- targhan: i am the typical programmer with zero aesthetic skills  :o  so it is hard to make a good demo with awful graphics and colors or with converted only graphics. in my opinion, it will ruin all the work i put in the code. that is why i asked for graphical help. i understand your argument about showing what i am capable of but i think that as no demos were released sinces months, is it a real risk for an artist to help me? also i saw some graphic artists visiting the forum this month ::) and it is a reason why i was looking for a discord channel visited by cpc demomakers  :-*
--- End quote ---

You have to understand. You're asking someone to give up their time to work with you for nothing other than credit. These are the same people who have had to turn down projects with people who have already established probably due to lack of time or whatever.

In short, you can't *make* people work with you if they're not interested.

--- Quote ---Very last call for my demo project. i really feel discouraged because nobody was interested by helping me.
--- End quote ---
Comments like this aren't helping and will only serve to discourage people whos help you're asking.

Just my 2 cents worth.


--- Quote from: Bug Powell on 17:06, 15 August 21 ---i am the typical programmer with zero aesthetic skills
--- End quote ---
There is this recent demo made, I believe, by former C64 sceners, with a very interesting design. Maybe get in touch with them to help you on that regard?

But I still believe you should create one or two in-your-face outstanding effects in a simple, short, and if possible original demo, just to prove the world you mean serious business! After that people will flock to work with you.


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