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Bug Powell:
i am still looking for a graphic artist for my demo. if you are interested please contact me.

Bug Powell:
Very last call for my demo project. i really feel discouraged because nobody was interested by helping me.

Ding Ding time gentlemen.

First of all, know that many graphists don't come here often (especially in august).
Second, no one knows you and what you are capable of, plus the various threads you created were interpreted negatively.

My advice is to create a short, maybe simple, but good demo, on your own, to show you're capable of finishing a serious project. There are many tools to convert gfxs correctly. Then, I'm pretty sure people will be more eager to collaborate with you. But first things first, build yourself a reputation by coding, coding, coding and releasing!

Bug Powell:
targhan: i am the typical programmer with zero aesthetic skills  :o  so it is hard to make a good demo with awful graphics and colors or with converted only graphics. in my opinion, it will ruin all the work i put in the code. that is why i asked for graphical help. i understand your argument about showing what i am capable of but i think that as no demos were released sinces months, is it a real risk for an artist to help me?
also i saw some graphic artists visiting the forum this month  ::)
and it is a reason why i was looking for a discord channel visited by cpc demomakers  :-*


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