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What's that tune?

Started by Gryzor, 19:11, 29 March 11

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Hello guys,

Anyone can identify the 3rd tune in the Madness demo? I love it but don't remember where it comes from...


ελα αδελφε εδω εισαι


Hahaha great stuff :)

Time to hit thanks!



is it me or the original is better?


Nice tune, shame about the game


Agree with both, though the remix is not bad either. I was watching the video just for the tune - and it was painful to look at it...


Brain Radioactivity


The link that remax posted stays very true to the original. Great tune!

I like the game actually, despite its high ranking for the bad speccy ports chart. This is one that badly needs a good port.

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Wow, the last vid is great! I'm attaching the mp3 here.


What a surprise to find my vid here :D

I'm glad that you guys liked the arrangement of the saboteur 2 tune. I was trying to finish it for a few years and finally I completed it on 2008.

I registered on the forum a few days ago after fatagnus registered too. It's nice to be here on the heart of the CPC world.



:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I also work for cash  ;D


Heheh glad to have you here - the timing was impeccable! Any other tunes you can share? :)


Well, right now the only other "remix" that I've done is this one:

It's the menu tune for "Navy Moves" (you know, spanish game, the first level is quite hard and the second one is easy). It's quite short, as it only lasts for about 40 seconds, but that's how the original one is. I haven't made any more remixes of old cpc tunes, but someday I want to do the one from Glider Rider.

Remixes and arrangements aside, after doing the music for "blastardo" I've been experimenting with Arkos Tracker and a few days ago I had the idea of making an AY version of the cure's "fascination street". Just the other way around  ;D

Right now it's just a short WIP:

Also I have uploaded a lot of original music and experiments to goear. All kinds of stuff, new and old (i started using trackers in 1995 and later moved to propellerhead reason) :


Navy moves is nice, pity it's so short! I think it could easily expand to a full-length song.

Fascination street is, erm, fascinating! :)

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