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[Party] Alchimie12 (2017) coming soon

Started by MacDeath, 12:50, 04 October 17

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in english please, because French can discuss this everywhere at french forums and it is better to have our friends from rest of the world to know about this.

new edition of the Alchimie Démo-Partie is soon to happen.

10-11-12 November 2017

Place :
Tain l'Hermitage 26600 France
> 80km south of Lyon
>15 km north of Valence
a TGV train-station is 5km far only

Link :

This Demo party exists since quite some time now.
I use to attend it since 2009-2011 because I live very very close to there.

It is actually one of the biggest "oldschool-computers friendly" demo party in France.

Organized by an association specialized in Amiga : Triple A
Many Amiga users are also old Amstrad users.

During last editions I managed to enroll other amstradists to attend the party and it is to become the Main Amstrad Friendly South-East France event.

The event is mostly Francophone : no real effort to have info or booking facilities for English speaking or rest of the world.
But of course you will find people speaking english.
They don't want to become too big as this would imply a bigger organization and many extra work if all the east/north europe sceners would come too.

Still if some of you European Amstrad fellows want to come, you may be welcomed.
Currently more than 120 peoples have booked for the event, peoples from France but Also Belgium and Swiss-tzerland.

This year may set a new record for Amstradists "sceners" participation.

current non exhaustive list of peoples seen at Amstrad Forums  :

Overflow / Logon System
Ast / iMPact
roudoudou / Flower Corp.
MacDeath / Fumiste
Khomenor / G2L2 Corp
PulkoMandy / Shinra
Barjack / Apollo Team
VISA / Deckard / StudyingSoul / Amiga
Zik / Futurs'

and perhaps a few others.
You will see many amigas, Atari, Amstrad, Macs and PCs.
there may be some 3D printer demos, some Robotic demos and Arcades and consoles to play with.

The Event already have quite a long history, that's even quite impressive that such event is still in existence after all those years.

the event alternates between main and µ (micro) event.
Each odd years you have the main Achimie with around 200 attendees and scene competition.
Each even-years you have the µAlchimie which is a smaller event with no scene competition and around 70 attendees.

Each year I post about the event in all the forums, this year is no exception.

2011 :

2013 :

2015 :

the µAlchimie 2010  :

Last but not least : the event takes place in a famious Wine producing region of France.
so you can also come to taste fine "Côtes du Rhône" as well.

some older topics here :

µAlchimie 2016 :

Alchimie 0xb from 2015 :

2017 announcement :


The event ended.

>> 2nd place Demos :

Overflow from Logon system.

Overflow [code, etc]
TotO [help]

(better video soon)

2 impressive Amstrad PLUS / GX4000 prod on 512k ROM cartridges.
Time to get a C4CPC guys... (if not yet)

>> 1st place 2D_graphics fast compo : CASE (an amstrad CPC screen)

more infos to come.

what happened :

>> Live AY-YM oriented DJ concert.

>> A lone Thomson TO8

>> Lots of Amstradists, with good performances at the contests.

Congratulation to Roudoudou, Overflow and Case (and all the others involved as well).

>> Also congratulation for the 1040STF competitor with a demo I like quite a lot.

3rd Place.
> Clokzilla
(stock ATARI 1040 STF)

C-Rem - Graphics
Gloky - Code
Mr. Nours - Code
Tomchi - Music

Good spirit, they actually appreciated to be defeated by two amazing 8bit Amstrad prods and may come and try even stronger next time.

some Amiga releases weren't impressive and they were too somewhat bothered that Amstrads and Atari shoveled gravels up their arses like the fists of angry gods.

Overall not the biggest releasefull Demoparty but quite some composition this year and nice competitors as well...

Else we were around 20 Amstrad users, most known from/via or CPCrulez forums.

== Links to pictures of the event :



You could find here my review of this fabulous event (French of course!)
Bye, and see you !


Ast/iMP4CT. "By the power of Grayskull, i've the power"

All friends are welcome !


Created Alchimie page in the Wiki as it is now an Amstrad relate Event.

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