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[Party] µAlchimie V (2018)

Started by MacDeath, 21:03, 01 May 18

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in glitches...

Hi guys, the µAlchimie V is now announced and reservations can be done.

20-21 October 2018
Clérieux, Drôme (26), France


>> Website :

As explained at the CPCwiki's Alchimie page, it is the smaller party which alternates with the bigger.

More infos on previous edition there :

Around 60 peoples may attend, no compo, just retro and fun.
We may expect up to a small dosen of Amstradists I guess, previous edition we were around 6+ amstradists and we were 3 on the edition 4 years ago.

Roudoudou, AsT and MacDeath (yeah, me) already reserved their places.
Overflow and Offset and others may come as usual.

I live nearby but people can sleep there or go to some Hotels.
I post here in English but it is quite a Francophone event, yet everybody is welcomed as long as there are available places for the event.

µAlchimie 2016 [Clérieux][Reportache][AmstradRulez]

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