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Maybe the tool you used to transfer them or put them in a DSK was bugged.

Ok, I maybe found the problem. I am using the Ramlaid "CPCFS Tool". Useful to put files in DSK or to send them with CPC Booster. It seems that these 2 way to send ROM have problems (it works for any other files, but maybe not the ASCII files (ROM are ASCII files ?).
I tried to add the header (with the same tool...) but the result is the same.
I will maybe try AFT.
Because I habe the same problem with ROM Booster...

Now I think : all the ROM working were given to me with DSK or directly with files from CPC to CPC (the old good time).

Aft does not work either for the ROM.
How do you do your transferts ? Drive emulator or CPCBooster like ?
What tool do you use to put files in DSK ?

My files have traveled from 3" to 3.5" floppies. 3.5" to HxC. HxC to X-Mass. No issues! (well, there is the occasional bug with new DOSes, but since I have backups on HxC, it's not a big deal).

For some cases i found iDSK working most of the time.

To transfer file you can use
The new implementation of idsk.


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