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ACE CPC Emulator, only Amiga makes it possible?

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Welcome OffseT, nice to read from you again.  :)


--- Quote from: OffseT on 20:17, 18 July 16 ---
Now, the good news is that Arnold and WinAPE are still being improved, and that some other good emulators are on the way for PC users.

--- End quote ---
Arnold's accuracy has improved a lot but It doesn't pass the tests 100%.

Feel free to ask questions about the tests. Please put the questions in the thread about them :)

Glad to see some news - the more, the merrier. Even though I still have a MorphOS machine on my to-do list...

Can MorphOS run on WinUAE? I believe it's possible to run AmigaOS4 now?

Morphos is not a free software  :(


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