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ACE CPC Emulator, only Amiga makes it possible?

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Having plenty of square sounds is nice, but having a FM synthetizer is better! 8)

Say hello to the Willy ACEpansion!

The Willy is an adapter which let you plug an OPL3LPT or S2P sound card to your CPC.
This plugin emulates a Willy and the OPL3LPT plugged on it (S2P is not emulated yet).
The OPL sound chip was a very popular FM synthetizer in the 90's, notably used on PC Soundblaster and compatible sound cards.

Nifty sounds at download page.

That's the end of this one week long celebration for ACE 10th anniversary.
ACE can now emulate more than 20 peripherals thanks to its numerous plugins, have fun. ;D


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