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WinApe Memory Full

Started by professor6153, 14:20, 09 April 24

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I wanted to thank Jean-Marie again for taking time out to help yesterday.  The solution presented completely worked thus far - and I've been able to continue play with the game.  The game is odd in that the use of a save state on the emulator is a detriment.  The game seems to "check" and look at real saved positions in order to open up future levels in the game.  Very unique.  I had some time and energy in translating and learning the game and didn't want to discard what I had started based on a technical hurdle.  I am truly appreciative.  I set out to play every single RPG in the order in which they were published.  I started with PLATO games in 1975 and I am currently playing games now that were published in 1984.  Tyrann is the first French RPG and also the first French game that I've played.  I already had completed an initial blog post on Tyrann and wanted to continue with the game to the point of completion if I could.  So myself and my blog thanks Jean Marie and EVERYONE ELSE who also took time and energy to help with my dilemma.  What an amazing supportive community here.  I have a blog that documents my journey as well as a website that is a labor of love.

Here is the link to my blog post on Tyrann which marks the 228th game in my journey

Game #228: Tyrann (1984) – Retro Games Trove


Good to hear you got it working. 


Jean-Marie held my hand and worked me through it otherwise I'd have continued to struggle.  Great community here


You're welcome! If you're stuck, you can find the maps of all levels here :
I was a big fan of RPG back in the heydays, but I couldn't find Tyrann in the stores. I had Mandragore (the french Ultima), but never managed to solve its puzzles.


Try another emulator in classic 464 mode without AMSDOS.
Retro & opensource

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