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ACE CPC Emulator, only Amiga makes it possible?

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Ok guys. Since Push'n'Pop died, I finally created an account here to post news about ACE.
I know that you are mainly about PeeCee and that ACE is not really your cup of tea, but I need to post news somewhere. ;D

So, ACE 1.12 is finally released after being delayed for quite a long time.

This new version fixes some issues in CRTC emulation (mostly on CRTC 0/2 since CRTC 1/3/4 are already almost perfect  8) ). It also extends the plugins API and comes with new plugins for mice and joysticks.

More details about ACE on the dedicated web page.

Will definitely be grabbing this tomorrow. Thanks @OffseT ;)

Edit: Downloaded and installed... Ever better, this is without doubt the best Amstrad Emulator on any platform.

I'd love to see Arnold for OSX match this, and I am sure it will get there. but right now it's not there yet.

Thanks @OffseT and keep up the good work @arnoldemu :)


--- Quote from: OffseT on 21:43, 17 July 16 ---I know that you are mainly about PeeCee and that ACE is not really your cup of tea, but I need to post news somewhere. ;D

--- End quote ---

Maybe you see the following post from Kevin about acid testing: amstrad cpc "acid" test
amstrad cpc "acid" test

It would be nice to share all limit cases you told me about  :P

@OffseT: Yes I hope I already tested some of these limit cases but if there are some I missed please tell me about them and I will add a test.
I can tell you if the limit case is already tested and the name of the program to run to see it.
I have tested a lot of things but I have probably missed something.

All the tests I made and published have been run on the following setups: GX4000, 464Plus, 6128Plus, 464 (type 0, tall keys), 464 (type 4), 6128 type 0, 6128 type 1, 6128 type 2, KC Compact.
+ I also tested some hardware devices I have: X-MASS, X-MEM, PlayCity, Symbiface 2, Amram 2, Dobbertin ROM board.

Ace has always been the emulator which people say is the best because of it's higher accuracy and compatibility. I can't run it myself but I have asked Craig to run some tests :)

The name "acid" tests comes from the html acid test. e.g.
It means to thoroughly test features. In our case to thoroughly test the hardware of cpc and plus so that the accuracy of emulators can be confirmed and to highlight and show limits and features of our machines so that they can be used (or worked around) in demos and games :)

Ok. I didn't know about this acid test (I don't read forums very often).
I'll run it and I'll fix what might be wrong in ACE asap!

That's a very good idea to try to gather this kind of tests. I'll let you know if I have some additional stuff I could provide you
(I guess Roudoudou was thinking about some timing tests for I/O ASIC register page).

I don't know if ACE is that accurate. Well, at least for me it is not accurate enough. :P
Anyway, last time I checked Arnold and WinAPE, ACE was better at almost every stage. ;)
(I cannot check on a regular base because I don't have any PC at home)

Now, the good news is that Arnold and WinAPE are still being improved, and that some other good emulators are on the way for PC users.


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