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I make two videos with the complete installation of Haiku under Virtual Box and ACE under Haiku.

Audio is on Spanish but it's not necessary to understand them.


ACE 1.22.0 is available on the ACE homepage at  :D

It's recommended to use Haiku R1beta3 or a recent nightly build. 32bit version only still.

This version is the first to include the plugin SDK. Which means you can now write your own plugins if you want to. In the download package there are the sources for the built-in plugins (including the changes I made for Haiku). You can use this as a starting point if you want to try making your own plugins.

The change list from the ACE website for this version:

Improved plugins SDK.

* New Spanish translation thanks to Juan Carlos Herran Martin.
* Memory default contents now depends on chip type.
* Removed tape to hard disc wrapper feature.
* Added ability to emulate the GX4000.
* Added fast preferences to quickly reconfigure ACE in the main basic configurations.
* Added support for extended cartridges.
* Improved virtual keyboard.
* Improved symbols management window.
* New AREXX commands.
* Internal changes to ease portability.
* Fixed minor bugs and regressions in GUI and plugins.

Big hurrah to PulkoMandy, the only one who was brave enough to port ACE on a non AmigaOS-like system.  8)


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