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ACE for Haiku

Started by PulkoMandy, 23:19, 13 November 17

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Sykobee (Briggsy)

Haiku has an AREXX subsystem?


Yes, I use bebrexx which is generally compatible with AREXX. However, I think no other application uses it.

Haiku also has a native scripting system that is similar but not compatible. Maybe I will add support for it later, but for the initial versions of ACE I try to stay close to the MorphOS version as much as possible, so it's easier for me to integrate the changes from new versions when they become available.



ACE 1.24.0 for Haiku is now available at  :D

Changes in this version:

  • Added a filter to improve audio output quality (using fresample.library).
  • Added new features in plugin API (v6 API).
  • Added a plugin to emulate the Multiface Two from Romantic Robot.
  • Added a new window to show the internal keyboard matrix.
  • Improved PSG noise emulation (thanks to Zik and Targhan).
  • Improved mice and joyticks plugins.
  • Fixed a crash when loading invalid snapshots.
  • Minor fixes in GUI.
It also fixes a crash when opening the Joysticks window.



ACE 1.25.0 Haiku version is now available for download! This means the Haiku version is finally up to date with the MorphOS version!

I still have a bit of work to do to fix some known bugs (UI glitches, mainly), port all the extra plugins, add screenshots to the website, etc. But I am happy to finally have an up to date version of ACE available  :D :D :D

Let me know if you can find any bugs :)


Félicitations ! 8) 
Et bon courage pour les plugins, y'en a beaucoup. :P



Not much progress on the plugins (yet?) but here is a new release of ACE 1.25.1 for Haiku! It is available as usual at

Here is a summary of changes:

  • Many tweaks and fixes to the layout of all windows. Made sure the spacing between widgets is nice and tidy, and so on. I did this as I put screenshots of all the windows on the ACE website.
  • Fixed page commutations in the disassembler and memory editor (they would not show the RAM page they were saying, oops)
  • Disassembly window: fixed the "jump to address" button and the history autofill
  • Disassembly and memory dump views: improve the conversion from Amstrad CPC to Haiku UTF8 characters, all characters are mapped now
  • Z80 window: fix setting the value of registers directly
  • Added a new splash screen (with a progress bar if you run on a slow enough computer)
  • Fix detection of system language (so the right ROM will be selected if you run Haiku in French, Spanish, German, ...)
  • Fix problems with the popup menus in the symbol editor
  • Fix PNG screenshots having the wrong colors
  • Build the emulator core in "combined core" mode so it should be a bit faster than before
  • New icons for all the phasers and lightguns, drawn by Handmaus, to replace the not-so-great one I had made myself

There are also some internal fixes to prepare for the release of the plugins. But that shouldn't be a problem with any of the existing plugins, so you don't need to worry about it.

Have fun! Let me know if you have any problems, but first be sure that you have installed all dependencies as explained in the "Requirements" page of the website, because this is always the first question I get  ;D


Hello PulkoMandy !

Thanks for your work on porting ACE to Haiku ! I'm myself new to Haiku and I find it quite interesting, especially on my old laptop 8)

I installed the last 64-bits version of ACE and I'm running into an issue :

I'm pretty sure to meet the requirements :

I even looked at the shared libraries and everything is installed :

Am I missing something ? ???

Any help appreciated , thanks !!


It looks like your version of Haiku is too old. You need at least hrev56783 which is not part of a beta release of Haiku yet (you can check your exact version in Aboutsystem). You can use the nightly builds (from

Instructions to switch to nightly builds are here:

I will update the requirements on ACE website where I forgot that this was needed.


I upgraded to nightly build using the link you provided and it now works !

Thanks !  ;)



I have just released version 1.26.0 of ACE for Haiku! It is synchronized with the 1.26 version for MorphOS, so you can check the changelog for that.

Additionally, many small bugs were fixed, and the breakpoints window was reworked to look more like the MorphOS version.

Have fun with it!

As usual, it is available for 32bit and 64bit versions of Haiku.

You need a recent nightly build of Haiku. Unfirtunately, due to bugfixes and improvements in Haiku, this will not run on Haiku R1 beta 4.

You need to install some dependencies:

- brexx
- iff_catalog
- fresample

These are all available in Haiku's package manager. If you use the 32bit version of Haiku, you need to install the versions with a _x86 suffix.


Slightly off topic, but has anyone successfully run haiku under vm? If so, what did you use? 


Quote from: Gryzor on 19:20, 02 March 24Slightly off topic, but has anyone successfully run haiku under vm? If so, what did you use?
Virtualbox is OK for Haiku
My pronouns are RASM and ACE


Quote from: roudoudou on 20:35, 02 March 24
Quote from: Gryzor on 19:20, 02 March 24Slightly off topic, but has anyone successfully run haiku under vm? If so, what did you use?
Virtualbox is OK for Haiku



I released ACE 1.26.1 today.

No big changes, as the version number implies, this is just a bugfix release.

Someone reported that the "saves preferences" menu was not working. Indeed, there were 3 or 4 bugs that prevented it from working and led to various crashes and memory corruptions (probably also elsewhere in ACE for Haiku...). So I fixed all of them (well, all the ones I found, at least).

This version also includes some bugfixes for the video recording option, which wasn't working at all. Now it's mostly working, but there are still some mixups with endianness in the generated files. I plan to completely fix this some time before the release of ACE 1.27.0.


Well, I missed (at least) one memory corruption bug in the preference saving and it was still crashing  :picard:

So there is now a 1.26.2 release. This also fixes some more problems with the video recording and it should now be usable without hacks.

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