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Hi there!

Well, it's been work in progress for some years, but finally here it is, a public release of ACE for Haiku!

ACE is an Amstrad CPC emulator originally written by OffseT for MorphOS. It is very accurate and has a nice GUI and debugging/development features.

Haiku is a free operating system for PC compatible computers.

I ported ACE to Haiku in order to make it possible to use the emulator without the need to buy specific hardware and software licences.

This port is quite complete and comes with a GUI, REXX scripting, and native integration with the OS wherever possible. There are some unfinished or incomplete features, however it is now complete enough for my own use, so I will be waiting for your complains before implementing things. If no one notices the missing stuff, probably I don't need to care.

This is based on version 1.6. I wanted to complete (or mostly) a port of a fixed version first, and then upgrade to new versions later. I will now be trying to get sources for the next versions from OffseT.

Download and installation instructions:

Requirements: any machine running the 32-bit version of Haiku. A recent nightly build is recommended. Alpha4 is too old to run this.

Download from here:
Get the current version from download page.

- You need a 32bit version of Haiku. 64bit version is not compatible.
- Haiku Beta 1 is too old to run current versions of ACE. Get a nightly build from
- Install the required dependencies: pkgman install brexx_x86 iff_catalog_x86
- Unzip ACE anywhere
- Run it!

Usage instructions and notes
The software is still Amiga-ish in some ways. I did my best to integrate it cleanly with Haiku. In particular, the command line uses Amiga-style readargs syntax. I'm sure you can figure it out. It is possible to create links to the executable and add arguments as xattrs to replicate the Amiga icon-file and tooltypes feature. Some examples are provided with typical configurations.

I'm now waiting for your feedback on this: bugreports, problems getting it to behave the way you want, etc. Feature requests should go to OffseT first, as I'm just copying features from the MorphOS version, unless it is already implemented there.

Congratulation for this great achievement!

I hope you will soon be able to update this port with a more recent version of ACE. ACE 1.6 is quite old now.
ACE 1.15 should be out soon, and it includes some helpers for portability.

Wooohoooo! The last few days feel like Christmas!  Awesome! :D

Haiku got it's killer app ! :)

Haiku is ultra fast to install (less than 10 minutes to create a virtual machine/download/installation).

However naked installation is not enough is missing


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