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Title: AdvMess help needed
Post by: mr_lou on 22:18, 06 January 12
Ok, so I've been trying all evening now to get AdvMESS run an Amstrad CPC emulator in my Lincade machine. (Linux distro with MAME and MESS and such).
I think I've finally managed to place the roms the right place zipped with the right zipper.

But where am I supposed to place the DSK or SNA or CPR files? I've tried copying them so many different places now, and no matter what it keeps saying that it didn't find any games when I start it up.

Can anyone help with this?
Title: Re: AdvMess help needed
Post by: mahlemiut on 23:53, 06 January 12
Not familiar with AdvanceMESS specifically, and last I checked, it hasn't been updated since about 0.106 (about 5 or 6 years ago).
(SDL)MESS can load images in any path, and has always been able to.  More recently, software lists have been added which use your rompath to search for software (located in either rompath or rompath/softlistname).  Other than software from softlists, MESS requires you to provide the full path to an image.  Images can be zipped, and you can refer to individual files in a zip by treating the zipfile as a folder.  Do not use 7-zip to zip images. 

Are you using a frontend of some kind (or does AdvanceMESS include one)?  If you do, then there may be a specific software path option.
Title: Re: AdvMess help needed
Post by: mr_lou on 00:00, 07 January 12
Yea, using Fluxbox which is out of my hands.
I'm no expert. I've just installed Lincade on an old PC and it runs MAME stuff really great. (I prefer a Linux version over a Windows version any day, but in this case especially because Linux allows me to connect the PC directly to a CRT TV via VGA -> SCART which gives an awesome picture!).

Being able to run CPC stuff on the same MAME machine would just be a bonus. (The ultimate solution would of course be having another cabinet and put a real CPC inside though)

I'm fairly sure everything is placed in the right folders now, but Fluxbox keeps telling me it can't find any games. I've placed both DSK and SNA and CPR and ZIP files in the images/cpc6128 folder where I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be. Yet it won't recognize anything.

It's probably just an old version of advmess where the CPC isn't really supported yet.
Title: Re: AdvMess help needed
Post by: mahlemiut on 12:47, 07 January 12
Sounds like an issue with fluxbox to me.  MESS won't care where the images are, so long as it gets the full pathname.  DSK and SNA has been supported for years, CPR is more recent (I should know, I added CPC+ support to MESS - almost 5 years ago now).
Title: Re: AdvMess help needed
Post by: mr_lou on 13:08, 07 January 12
I got it working now, simply by renaming the cpc6128 folder to cpc464.
Groovy playing Dead on Time on the cabinet. :-)

Weird though, why it wouldn't work with a cpc6128 folder.
Title: Re: AdvMess help needed
Post by: mahlemiut on 23:29, 07 January 12
Awesome!  Perhaps fluxbox only uses the folder for the parent driver? 
Title: Re: AdvMess help needed
Post by: mr_lou on 19:47, 08 January 12
Ok, so, when in an Amstrad CPC game, I can press . or , to switch between resolutions. (Works in MAME too).
Or rather, it only changes with width of the resolution.
I can't find two keys to do the same switch in the height of the resolution. Does anyone know?

Basically sometimes the 242 pixels in height it sets default, isn't enough, so I want to jump to e.g. 256 or more pixels. I know the resolution is there in xorg.conf, but it's not selectable when pressing . or , - unless I delete the 242-pixels-height modelines from xorg.conf

In other words, as long as there are modelines with resolutions that has a height of 242 - then those are preferred by AdvMESS
Keys . and , let's me change the width of the current resolution. But how to I change the height?