AMSpiriT, a new CPC emulator for Windows

Started by Dmanu78, 21:50, 23 April 22

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Would it be possible to have a feature in the emulator to log to a file all addresses visited by the PC, count of how often visited and whether a read/write instruction was issues and if that was a previously visited PC address(self modifying code scenario).

This would make decompiling older games, distinguishing data vs code and seeing if any optimizations are possible a lot easier.

I don't have any plans, I just found it really cumbersome decompiling buggy boy, manually finding main loop, sound, gfx generating routines etc.

It has potential use cases of enriching decompiled games with labels, data vs code to allow them to be modified a lot easier than what exists today, adding routines/recalculating jmp addresses etc.
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