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AMSpiriT, a new CPC emulator for Windows

Started by Dmanu78, 19:50, 23 April 22

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Quote from: Dmanu78 on 22:02, 25 October 23Hello,

After a (relatively) long wait since the last official release, a new release of Amspirit is now available (number 0.953b).

No Killer feature for this release, it's an iteration of the previous version with a few bug fixes, improved support for the e-dsk format (protected games should now run better) and above all the addition of a number of missing ergonomic features.

You'll find details of the changes below:
- Snapshot file management (.SNA)
- Script (.CSL) and text (.txt) file management
- Miscellaneous fixes (CTM, FDC, PSG and CRTC 0/1 emulation)
- Enhanced e-dsk support
- Improved management of Additional Roms
- CPU load optimization: single or multi-thread option
- Drag & drop functionality for fast file loading.

Thanks again for your encouragement. I'm really enjoying developing this emulator. It's a real intellectual challenge and very stimulating. Above all, it's a personal project that I'm sharing with you. Amspirit is still very young, and obviously there's still a lot of work to be done. Lots of great things are planned for the future, but you'll just have to be patient. As most emulator authors will tell you, an emulator is built patiently, not in a hurry...

Full details on the new website :
Have fun :)

Ooh, an update!

I have a slight problem though, the page will not load here, apparently the SSL certificate is broken?

QuoteThis site can't provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

  • Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.
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You want someone to help with translation? 

BTW: the debug button is grey and does not work in release .953b or does it require any running code? I am running in Basic right now (just the Ready prompt), but the debug button is grey and does not do anything.
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Hi, after 6 years of hard work, starting as one-man-project, AMSpiriT has grown in a way that was completely unexpected for me. Almost 3 years after the first official release, I am now very happy, and proud to announce it's no longer in beta version. This project would not have been possible without the support of many people in the CPC community. Thank you!

Road to 2.0
The next major release of AMSpiriT is going to be a giant leap: it will consist of the complete and accurate emulation of the CPC+ series (including GX4000). I know many people have asked for this, and i want to take the time to make it properly.
In between, me and AMSpiriT team, we'll have a few surprises for you, especially for developers, and other platforms/operating systems users.

Quick Change Log
  • IPF and HFE file formats are now supported.
  • Binary files (with AMSDOS header) can be loaded into ram by dragging them onto emulator's window.
  • More and better command line options. Common file formats are automatically detected.
  • Improved UX and interface
  • Extended RAM support, up to 4MB
  • And as always, some bug fixes, including a major AY emulation fix, FDC timings adjustments, and a better handling of a couple of Z80 opcodes.
Amspirit is available for download here: [/list]

Have fun :)


An enormous amount of work, starting from no existing base, it's impressive.
Well done, and I can't wait for the rest


Very excited for accurate Plus and GX support. 


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currently using to play Hyperdroid, but i have big slowdown with the emulator on the intro, the CPC speed moves from 2mHz to 7,9mHz.
I have VRR activated on my PC.

My pad is detected, but not worked.


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