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WinAPE Questions
« on: 22:35, 01 September 19 »
So I just saw my first few videos of Profesor Retroman's Z80 assembly tutorial on YouTube (, and I'm stoked about programming using WinAPE, it's beautiful how everything you need and use is just right there built in with the emulator. (I do think however that my enthusiasm may also be fueled in seeing both such an active Spanish community and the beauty of how these old computers worked.) That being said, I wanted to know what are the limitations of WinAPE, like bugs, things not to do with it, etc. Apparently it's still in beta (?) so I assume that means I shouldn't use it as my go-to emulator, but this is an assumption of which I am still not sure of. Can anyone pitch in with this info?
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Re: WinAPE Questions
« Reply #1 on: 09:36, 02 September 19 »
know what are the limitations of WinAPE, like bugs, things not to do with it

- You should close your Debugger-window, when you are using Memory-Breakpoints (Breakpoint on Memory read/write, not on Z80-Command). When you have your Windows open and WinApe runs into such an Memory-Breakpoint, there is an very high Chance, that WinApe crashes.

- There are Reports About DSK-Corruption from Winape (i have never this Problem)

Buuuuttt, Winape is a very good Emulator, i'm using Winape for years
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