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Title: Arnold - Joystick Emulation
Post by: Xyphoe on 05:05, 18 August 11
Hi guys,

Can anyone help me with Joystick emulation in WinApe?

I'm trying to start/play Space Gun which is joystick only, and had the same issue with Fluff.

Arnoldemu told me in the Fluff topic - "Try the number pad keys 4,8,6,2, and 0" on the Fluff topic but that doesn't work (with or without Num Lock off).

In "Settings" > "Emulation Settings" > "Controller Configuration" selecting "Keyboard" does nothing and selecting "Joystick" just brings up a pop-up window with a lot of 'ID's and (none) for the name.

Title: Re: Arnold - Joystick Emulation
Post by: KitchenKnives on 10:40, 08 September 11
I'm having the same problem, but with the Mac version of Arnold. I've tried different combinations of "Map Joystick to Keyboard" and "Macintosh Key Layout" but no dice. I'm trying to play games such as Cauldron II and Express Raider and the fire button appears to be mapped to the command key/s (which is a little awkward since it's used for so many Mac shortcuts) but there aren't any directional keys at all.

I should probably also note that the newer unibody Macbooks don't have numpads, although I did try a small hack to enable numpad and it still didn't make a difference with Arnold.