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arnold / kevin thacker - any ideas how to get a hold of him?

Started by erikarn, 07:19, 07 January 20

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I've just gotten Arnold up on FreeBSD. It's kind of working - wxwidgets 3.0 and SDL2, but the SDL window isn't in the main application window for some reason. But, besides that, it's still enough to actually use.

Does anyone know how to get a hold of Kevin? I haven't seen any posts from him here for a while and his contact form on his website doesn't work. I'd love to get some patches pushed to him to get things to build right.




may you install an older sdl version ?
It sounds like sdl 2 is not compliant.


I'll experiment with the SDL version soon. I want to just get this imported into github and put some patches up so others can build arnold on the BSDs.


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