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AY Emulation using Arduino

Started by darkhalf, 08:02, 03 January 22

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Been playing around with various AY sound projects, with the intention of emulation via an AVR processor

This GITHUB project allows you to play sound files direct from PC using your CPC AY chip (using an Arduino)

You will need to do a bit of wire rerouting for the AY-3-8912 from your CPC, so get hold of the datasheet

The original software only takes MYM files, which are a recompressed version of YM (Yamaha) files. I found that a bit restrictive, as most CPC/Spectrum files are in AY format, or sampled in YM (LHA-5) format. There is also another one called VTX which took a bit of time to figure out (basically YM with different headers).

AY files can be converted to YM using Ay_Emul. Available below along with Audio Overlord

I ended up modifying the original Arduino project since PC timing affected the count. So I've used a command/response method of communication with the Arduino and it runs perfect

Attached is the result. An arduino project for connecting straight to your AY from your PC, and a collection of modified other peoples programs (MYM2Serial and YM2MYM from ODSK) with VTX decoding added in. Sources included
CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644


Also used the CPC diagram for stereo output, rather than the Oric version

One was done with a nano, with external clock crystal, and also a Uno (with internal clock)

CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644

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