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Title: AY Emulation using Arduino
Post by: darkhalf on 08:02, 03 January 22

Been playing around with various AY sound projects, with the intention of emulation via an AVR processor
https://www.avray.ru/ (https://www.avray.ru/)

This GITHUB project allows you to play sound files direct from PC using your CPC AY chip (using an Arduino)
https://github.com/986-Studio/AY-3-3910-Player (https://github.com/986-Studio/AY-3-3910-Player)

You will need to do a bit of wire rerouting for the AY-3-8912 from your CPC, so get hold of the datasheet

The original software only takes MYM files, which are a recompressed version of YM (Yamaha) files. I found that a bit restrictive, as most CPC/Spectrum files are in AY format, or sampled in YM (LHA-5) format. There is also another one called VTX which took a bit of time to figure out (basically YM with different headers).

AY files can be converted to YM using Ay_Emul. Available below along with Audio Overlord

https://www.bannister.org/software/ao.htm (https://www.bannister.org/software/ao.htm)
https://worldofspectrum.org/projectay/ (https://worldofspectrum.org/projectay/)

I ended up modifying the original Arduino project since PC timing affected the count. So I've used a command/response method of communication with the Arduino and it runs perfect

Attached is the result. An arduino project for connecting straight to your AY from your PC, and a collection of modified other peoples programs (MYM2Serial and YM2MYM from ODSK) with VTX decoding added in. Sources included
Title: Re: AY Emulation using Arduino
Post by: darkhalf on 08:11, 03 January 22
Also used the CPC diagram for stereo output, rather than the Oric version

One was done with a nano, with external clock crystal, and also a Uno (with internal clock)

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