Author Topic: It's Halloween and the new JavaCPC v6.7 is ready!  (Read 1713 times)

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It's Halloween and the new JavaCPC v6.7 is ready!
« on: 20:57, 31 October 09 »
Hi together,
I finished JavaCPC 6.7 just in time.

The new JavaCPC version offers the following changes:

- Improved CRTC 0 and CRTC 1 emulation, fully emulates Registers 6 and 8
- New feature: JavaCPC Paint allows to paint normal sized screens, convert
  JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF on-the-fy into CPC format
- Realtime clock (Just for fun, not a real emulated feature, demodisk is
- Performance observer to avoid low performance / bad synchro
- You can dump cpc-ram directly into HEX-Editor now (Read-only,
  but saveable to PC)
- LZH uncompression possible for YM files
- improvements for the YM player
- Several minor bugfixes
- Bugfix in Autotype to avoid shift-key ignores
- Changed colour tables for Colour monitor (Linear / Non-linear)

New: JavaCPC Paint - A internal application, which allows you to draw directly into CPC-Screen ram!
You can also convert BMP, PNG, GIF and JPG images directly into CPC-Format...
(Not perfect but works very well, if colours are set bad, adjust brightness a bit)

Download your copy here

Sources are not longer part of the downloads!
If you need sources, you'll find the latest sources always on into it's SVN repository.

Have fun with it and a happy halloween!
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Re: It's Halloween and the new JavaCPC v6.7 is ready!
« Reply #1 on: 17:04, 01 November 09 »
Argh! Must find some time to toy around with Paint... thanks so much! :)