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Title: Better keys assignment and sys disk solution for applications in WinApe CP/M 3.0
Post by: fider on 20:34, 31 December 18
I have been attempting to find some improvements to the typical WinApe CP/M 3.0 operation. I compiled a list of fixes that I will share with you. Of course, I made only a limited contribution, the whole idea being that it is a good package for a casual user that wants to enjoy CP/M more and a proof that things could be made better even in the CP/M days.
The files included in the attachement are:My contibution is:What kind of key assignments have been considered:The purpose of the entire set of disk images presented is to have a set of pre-made disks and application configurations that can make CP/M operation in well known apps to be as simple and pleasant as possible. The covered app list is: Multiplan, Wordstar 3.0, Supercalc, Supercalc2, PerfectWrite.
Enjoy!  :D