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Byte editing DSK sectors on WinAPE

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I can't edit DSK images, specifically AMSDOS headers, in WinAPE's DSK editor. If I type anything in the sectors, they just get replaced by original bytes immediately. What am I doing wrong?

What I'm trying to do is to change file type on a disk, but I found this extremely difficult in general. Any help on that is also appreciated.



Johnny Olsen:
You do nothing wrong, for some reason Richard abandon the function.
Try WinApe 2.0 Alpha 15 instead.

Oh, didn't know, thanks!

FYI, WinApe 2.0 alpha 15 also didn't work.

Johnny Olsen:
Sorry I was sure it worked. You can try wincpc 926 it works. But beware it changes your icons,
devilmarkus has made a patch to avoid it.
 I can send it to you if you send your mail address.


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