CapriceRPi and ParaDOS 1.2

Started by The_Mole_UK, 21:23, 11 May 19

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Here is my fix for CapriceRPI 1.3d in RetroPie for Pi 2/3/3b:

01. See the updated Readme in the file...
02. Install the CapriceRPI 1.3d within RetroPie from the Source code (Remove it first if installed).  The Binary is 1.3c still.
03. Replace files with versions in the attached zip.  Use the RetroPie File Manager.  Use a USBF Flash Drive (Media folder/2nd option).

This will make CapriceRPI 1.3d do the following:
- Loads parados.rom $33 version.  This is set to load combinations of 3" or 3.5" images.  I use ROMDOS D20 images for Dizzy etc.
- Load cassettes at normal speed.  When you load a cassette can switch this off if you prefer.  F5 does the TAPE commands automatically.
- Turns off AutoRun.  It inputs the Disc Image for you automatically, but need to run it yourself.  I have multiple games on one disc etc.
You can remove this AutoRun switch and Tape Speed switch in emulators.cfg if you prefer, before copying it...

Hopefully the author will now update 1.3d source/bin to 1.3e? :D

- Please change the joystick to use the D controls instead of the joystick part of a Playstation controller.  It's too sensitive, prefer D movement.  DM me for small donation!!! :D


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