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CPCEPower v1804

Started by megachur, 19:16, 01 October 18

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Just got to try it. Looks nice and light, with a pleasant interface! Except, if you go in Fullscreen (Windows 10 here), how do you access the menu?

Also, do tell the truth, the 1337kb archive size wasn't by accident, was it? :D


Hello Gryzor,
Try the last version here :
for the archive size, it was a pure accident ;-) !
when you are in fullscreen, there is no interface possible at the moment (SDL2 limitation in fullscreen) but you can use the key 'Fx', etc.


Just got the latest version. I could get to windowed form only once and I don't remember which F key I used (it was one of those wild key-hunting moments :D ). It'd be nice to have some tooltips over the icons!

Also, although the emulator seems quite complete and very nice to work with, please do allow me a (pretty much permanent) request of mine: instead of only a simple scanline, more filters like those big multi-platform emulators do :)

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