CLK - multi system emulator

Started by Gryzor, 12:39, 13 April 21

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Anynbody seen this? Unfortunately, Mac and Linux only...


C64 is a notable omission, considering ZX80 & ZX81 are included :D


Not really, depending on the goals and restrictions of the project. Who said for instance that he could do the SID well enough? Just saying.



By the way, the systems it supports:

Acorn Electron;
Amstrad CPC;
Apple II/II+ and IIe;
Atari 2600;
Atari ST;
Commodore Vic-20 (and Commodore 1540/1);
Macintosh 512ke and Plus;
MSX 1;
Oric 1/Atmos;
Sega Master System;
Sinclair ZX80/81; and
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2a/+3.


I compile it in Ubuntu Mate 20.04 and run very very slow in CPC.  :( (MSX runs fine, for example).

Anyway I add the installer to RetroMultiInstaller to get easy installation for newbies with curiosity.
Retro & opensource


Thanks for adding it!

Well supposedly accuracy is his aim so it's not strange that some if not all of the systems run slowly...

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