changing the winape control scheme to fit a modern keyboard

Started by Techboy, 00:07, 23 June 20

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is there a way to switch to a modern keyboard mode for the emulator. I tried doing it before hand but it's too confusing. can someone help?


This is my solution.  Seems to work quite well.  Some games work best using joystick mode.
The two files can suit different setups.  A Notebook might want my setup inverted to a Desktop.

Both work fine, just inverted.
Numlock rotates between keyboard/joystick or joystick/keyboard.
Mapped some keys twice, so work on full or notebook.

Took a while to perfect.  Executioner added an option into WinAPE for me to remove assigns.
- It allows some games with funny key configs to work using the joystick assigns.

Once CPC layout is in your subconscious, you can switch between PC and CPC.
The PC keyboard has some CPC keys in a few different places.  Trick is to not look at the PC keys.

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