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LibDsk 1.5.11 and GCR encoding
« on: 01:09, 28 July 19 »
I've just uploaded LibDsk 1.5.11, which dips a first tentative toe into the world of GCR-encoded Macintosh disk images.
This means that in the unlikely event that someone uses it to convert a Mac 400k / 800k GCR floppy image to a CPCEMU EDSK, you'll find the recording mode (byte 13h of the Track-Info block) contains a value between 0x10 and 0x2F inclusive, most probably one of these:

Code: [Select]
0x12: Macintosh 400k / 800k
0x14: Apple IIgs Prodos 800k
0x22: Apple Lisa 400k
Such disk images would  also use the 'trailing bytes' extension to store the 12 'tag' bytes that the Macintosh associates with each sector.
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