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Title: CPC Emulator on MacOS Mojave
Post by: SkulleateR on 17:14, 18 August 19
Hi there,

I'm going to work on different locations in my country in the next weeks, so I decided to put an emulator on my macbook pro to have some cpc  software with me for enjoyment while traveling.

I nearly have no experience with emulators, so I decided to start a google search. The first I found was MacCPC, but on Mojave it doesn't even start (black screen), after that I tried Arnold, runs fine but I got some keyboard issues (missing ";" ":" keys) and so on ...

Only one that seems to run well is the "Retro Virtual Machine", I'm pretty pleased until now. Ok, so up to my questions now :

1. Is there any other good/compatible emu out there for macOS Mojave ?
2. Are there any german roms out there to put into the emu ? Only found english/french/spanish so far ...
3. If I stick with RVM, how to create a normal "DSK" file ? If I create a new Disk Image, it is saved as "HFE" ?
4. Is there a way of converting Images to .SCR on macOS ? ConvImgCPC isn't available on MacOS AFAIK ....
5. Any place to download games/applications/etc. for CPC in one go ?

And also some off topic here : any recommended macOS Mojave emulators for other systems like Amiga and PC Engine ?

... more questions to come for sure ...  :D
Title: Re: CPC Emulator on MacOS Mojave
Post by: TotO on 17:51, 18 August 19

I (https://www.retrovirtualmachine.org/en/)'m using RVM2 now on my Mac.

As I know german peoples use the UK ROM. Alternate FW are for France, Spain and Sweden.
About a new disk file, you can chose HFE (HxC and some emulators) or Extended DSK (all emulators)
For all the softwares, go to: http://cpc-power.com (http://cpc-power.com)