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CPCBasicTS Unchained - Run CPC BASIC in a Browser

Started by mv, 11:40, 06 August 23

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You may remember CPCBasic, which allows you to run CPC BASIC programs in a browser
( )

CPCBasicTS is a rewrite in TypeScript with some interesting new features:

- Select BASIC programs form a gallery

- Resize the CPC canvas window, or use full screen

- Conversion functions with extended renum, pretty print and adding or removing line numbers

- Download programs as tokenized BASIC

- Implicit line numbers (optional): Only referenced lines need a line number (similar to bwbasic)

- Trace mode (optional): Marks the source position in case of an error

- Text view with keyboard input

- Speed slider to reduce the simulation speed

- Run simple programs on the command line with NodeJS

- Faster page loading (all classes in one .js file)

- Improved compatibility with a CPC:
  - Check array bounds (optional)
  - Untyped variables are aliases for typed variable (e.g. DEFINT a:  a=a%)
  - Use PEEK to read BASIC tokens (from &169)
  - RESUME NEXT and RESUME without arguments
  - A lot of other small fixes, e.g. ROUND(-8.575,2), WRITE with semicolon, INSTR with empty search string,...

More information in the readme:

I you want to try it: CPCBasicTS v0.0.95

Have fun!


I refuse to touch it until the listing window supports the mode 2CPC font.

... Just kidding, this looks like so much fun! 

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