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Started by SmaugD, 04:35, 21 July 22

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Hi, guys, I really hope someone could help me. I'am using Winape for some time now as an old time Amstrad user because for some reason I feel that it's the best emulator of all I tested (Java CPC, Arnold, CPC Emu - bu I might be wrong).

However, there's one thing perplexing me "Enable IDE Devices" option in Settings/Other that doesn't seem to work anything obvious to me. I was hoping I could put a bunch of Amstrad files in IDE image or straight to my HDD, but I don't know how to access it from emulator.

Any idea what I'm missing here?


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For "straight to my HDD", see there how to do this with "cpcdos.rom" :

About "ide" (see the blank.ide file into the main directory of winape) they are containers files you'll have to format (depending the os used...) to deal with...




Thanks, tronic, I'll check it out. That thing has really being bugging me for some time now.



Tried, everything works like a charm. You are a life saver, tronic.

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