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--- Quote from: cngsoft on 00:57, 29 June 21 ---Here we have two small updates in a row:
* 20210624 -- minor patch adding Spectrum Dandanator support, and making both emulators able to load Dandanator cartridges from the command line and the key F3. Several heuristics ensure that the cartridges match the current system.
* 20210626 -- minor patch fixing several format errors ("%i" in place of "%d" or "%u" and so on), a bug in the CRTC (3D cylinders part of "PhX" on CRTC3) and another one in the Spectrum Dandanator ("LD (DE),A" trap). Slightly safer snapshot block loading on both CPCEC and ZXSEC.

The CHIPNSFX tracker got an update, too:
* 20210626 -- minor patch making vibratos fully stable even in fringe cases reported by Adrián, and reworking the +512 experimental flag into a read-only mode where the player exclusively relies on the chipnsfx_bss buffer, instead of using self-modifying operations, also following an idea from Adrián.

--- End quote ---

Propagated to . Congrats again cngsoft for your work.

I'm having some trouble saving data from some games/program to disk. One example is Le Voyage du Nephi: it does not save game to disk (it does in other emus).

The emulator defaults to opening disc images read only, have you checked that?

got the same problem with my Raspberry Pi compiled version ... is there a way to set READ/WRITE permanent at boot ? Perhaps in INI ? Found nothing about it in the readme or help file ...

Oh, thanks! I hadn't realized that option.


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