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CPCEC a new emulator from cngsoft

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--- Quote from: cngsoft on 14:26, 01 December 21 ---Gunhed: I can live with INI profiles. Write once, edit seldom, use daily.

--- End quote ---
As developper I do change ROMs several times a day. (Sometimes several times an hour).
It would be a great advantage to have a ROM selection menu (like any other emulator).  :)

I just released a new version of the Linux GTK3 front-end for CPCEC

* Integrated CPCEC emulation core 20211130
* Added new menu options to set realtime emulation speed to 1x or 4x
* Memory inspector + RAM/ROM configuration got moved out from Z80 Debugger (created a new dedicated window for that)
* User can select to READ or WRITE mode for Memory Inspector (cf. data location where the Z80 will READ from -or- WRITE to)
* Added new menu options to resize main window to 100% or 400%
* Saved last opened folders into configuration file
* Minor UI tweaks
* Minor fixes
* Updated shortcuts


--- Quote ---Saved last opened folders into configuration file
--- End quote ---
Any program should start by doing that. 8)


--- Quote from: dlfrsilver on 13:23, 22 March 19 ---the tapes are always started with turbo mode ;

--- End quote ---
I'm biased, but this is a negative point!  :P

But in all seriousness, once you save the config it's remembers the correct setting and tapes play at normal speed if that's what you'd selected... :)

Anyway, great emulator!

Sooner or later, even the slightest exposure to Longshot's dossier ACCC2-FR was going to have an impact on CPCEC.

CPCEC-ZXSEC 20211217 -- "twenty-first public release. Important changes in video emulation: all parts of the 2021 rerelease of "Amazing Megademo" work on all CRTCs in CPCEC, thanks to Longshot's new monumental handbook "Amstrad CPC CRTC Compendium", and titles that check the floating bus through ULA-contended ports such as "A Yankee in Iraq" run properly in ZXSEC, even on Plus3. The AY chip has been rewritten to ensure that Playcity (CPC) and Turbosound (Spectrum) share the exact clock with the main audio chips (6-channel music on Pentagon is no longer off-key), and stereo channels are more flexible now, switching between the default ABC stereo setup and the ACB setup of AY-Melodik; audio oversampling now relies on system clock ticks instead of output samples. Minor fixes in the FDC logic (protected rereleases of "Arkanoid 2" and "Renegade" expect the disc to keep moving while the SENSE INTERRUPT STATUS command takes place), the ZIP archive reader (hidden files must stay invisible) and the WAV and AVI file handling (proper 2-byte alignment must be performed in the extremely rare cases where the length of a block is odd). V-hold options in CPCEC have been merged into one (disabling "Standard V-hold" extends the vertical sync both up and down), and the paired options PlayCity/Digiblaster (CPCEC) and Turbosound/Covox $FD (ZXSEC) are mutually exclusive."

Trivia: although the obvious priority was to make the whole "Amazing Megademo 2021" work on CRTC0, the Mega-Raster part kept resisting until I noticed that the changes I was trying to do also had an impact on the easier-to-analyse "Xmas 2019" intro. It was something of a Christmas gift!


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