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CPCEC a new emulator from cngsoft

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I tried the emulator with phX demo. Pretty encouraging ! Only the tunnel part (shown before Freddy) showed some visible artefacts. Plus FDC loading that slowed down audio, too. But all the rest was pretty accurate!


--- Quote from: XeNoMoRPH on 08:27, 18 March 19 ---According to its author, It is made in C instead of assembler, it is much more correct internally than the previous CPCE, everything is done by keyboard, there are no menus
--- End quote ---

Ok, sounds it's quick then. Does it have a turbo mode?


--- Quote from: GUNHED on 20:30, 17 March 19 ---Where are the particular strength of this emulator?

--- End quote ---

Drag'n drop and auto start with a dsk file on my desktop shortcut.

Really quick to start a downloaded file.

Nice!  :)

Version log
* 20190318 -- third public release. By default the window shows a menu; new option -+ hides it.
* 20190317 -- second public release. Fixed Win32 joystick bugs: JoyGetPos returns ZERO on OK, not on ERROR.


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