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Which emulator(s) do you use?

Started by roudoudou, 20:43, 24 August 23

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Which emulator(s) do you use?

7 (10%)
3 (4.3%)
Caprice Forever
9 (12.9%)
18 (25.7%)
3 (4.3%)
4 (5.7%)
Retro Virtual Machine
17 (24.3%)
6 (8.6%)
42 (60%)
Another one (tell us in response)
11 (15.7%)

Total Members Voted: 70


Quote from: ZbyniuR on 02:22, 25 December 23This one:

Just drag and pull there DSK or TXT file with Basic. ;)
Juicy! Only if it had a setting to set the emulation speed to 100%.


It only allowed me 3 options, but I use CPCEC, RVM2, WinAPE, and in "other", I use CLK:

Because development. For a quick fix of CPC I tend to go with CPCEC these days.
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I use Caprice Forever from the day it appeared, and believe me, to play games, save snapshots, save disks, etc, it's the best by far ! why? you may ask...


- You can directly use a real joystick
- has scanlines for predefined resolutions that you can increase or decrease with f9 and f10, but you can customize it and even have the display borders as the original
- you can directly save or update snapshots with predefined keys, but you can use also a key mapper to do it with a gamepad or joystick itself for best usability
- it has total fidelity: things like the lost of vsync and the tape unit getting crazy when you write 'call 19' and then 'call 20' on a cpc 464 works
- tons and tons of overwhelming options, you gotta see it to believe it.
- constantly updated


-The setup system ui is a little bit outdated
-Hotheys not customizable, but you can use a key remapper as I mentioned
-The option to display borders as the original sometimes fails, but repeating it does the job.

The other emulators don't have so much key shortcuts, or have too little options, or fail, or don't emulate that properly things like cassette fails etc.

I hope it helps, give it a try !



The one I use is not in the list... Caprice32 (, it is the only one to have a display optimization as I am looking for while having wide compatibility.


I almost always force myself to test new software on real hardware. 
In other (very few) cases my favorite has always been the Retro Virtual Machine. Until it started crashing after the last Mac Os Sonoma update. 
Now I'm stuck with MiSTer for virtualization. Let me tell you something: it's very addictive and comes with a feeling of guilt

retro space

For now Arnold. If there is a newer MacOS emulator that is lean and runs on older Macs (OSX 10.11-10.14) shoot me.
Retro Virtual Machine is the evil of modern software: a full blown webbrowser hidden in a program (Electron). 380MB for an emulator is insane.

But since the ULIFAC is installed in my CPC 464, I run the software on a baby Trinitron for sure for proper scanline emulation.

My fave Z80 machine, the Philips P2000T has a new emulator based on Allegro, is just 3MB and runs on El Capitan up to the newest Mac OS Candy Crush Sonoma.
Teaching computer science on a high school with the CPC, P2000T, Spectrum and C64.



Now mostly ACE DL2, sometimes caprice32. I used cap32 in the last couple of years, before ACE DL2 became available.
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