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CPCemu 2.0 released

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It now works!

Thanks a lot!

Looks very interesting. I just noticed the Close button didn't work when the debugger was opened (on Windows).
Do you have plan to improve the UI of the debugger to have for example, floating windows that can be moved, edited in a more user friendly manner? Many of us are still looking for the successor of Winape's venerable debugger :). Especially on Linux!!

Wow, the venerable CPCemu is back  ;)
On a side note I'm super happy of all those emulators coming out in the last 5 years.

2 questions:
- I see you distribute your program as freeware (good !), but it remains closed-source. Is there a chance in the future you make it open-source ? (not open in the sense "everyone can contribute", but open in the sense "I can fetch the source-code from a git repo and compile it on my Linux machine").
- Do you have plans for AmstradPlus / GX-4000 support ?

Congrats, and welcome back into the emulator arena :)

@roudoudou: Thank you! If you have enough speed you can switch the "Video" setting to "1" to get a more realistic (more analogue :) ) display. You have to get used to it, because it is darker than the default, but I prefer it over the clumsy default display.

@Targhan: The debugger definitely needs improvement in terms of bugs of already present features. On the other hand, I'm not sure that using the mouse is more comfortable than typing short commands (but, I see that window size matters). Unfortunately, I have never seen WinApe. Which separate windows would be needed? What entities would need to be edited in there? I'm working on the close button...

@norecess: I think CPCemu is going to be open source in the long run. Currently, the code is more than untidy in many places. I need to clean this up first. Besides, I have the ambition to make perfect CRTC emulation before opening the source code. I don't have a clue of the Plus CPCs and the GX-4000. I won't be able to accurately emulate the CRTCs and the rest if I cannot examine their real behaviour. I have been looking into eBay for one, but the prices are ridiculous. So, chances are very low.

Speaking of CRTC emulation accuracy, this has been my primary objective while working on the current release for the last five years. I was hoping for some comments on that, to be honest. I'm really proud that certain demos (e. g., From Scratch, Madness by Gozeur and the Futurs and Vanity parts of the 30 Years Megademo on CRTC type 1, and S&KOH, DemoIzArt, Face Hugger Megademo and Voyage 93 on CRTC type 0) work very well (if not even perfect, at least some of them). I'm still working on the remaining flaws. I would be happy about any reports on demos (or other software) not working correctly. I know that dynamic HSYNCs result in damaged screens sometimes (e. g., in two parts of Dream End, in Scroll Factory and in one part of The Demo). This is really annoying to cope with. Not even my real CPC monitor is able to display these parts of Dream End, for example.

Ah, just in this minute I found the long-wanted reason why the scroller of the Benediction part of the 30YMD is deformed. So, no need to report this any more.

Ah, reading my latest post again, I found an ambiguous statement. I should have written "So, chances are very low for Plus or GX support."
This is not a statement about the chances of opening the sources.


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