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CPCemu 2.0 released

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--- Quote from: Emu on 13:30, 27 March 21 ---@Livingstone : Thank you. I think I found a possible reason for the installation problem of v2.2 - I might have checked only one of the two signature options when creating the APK. On the other hand, a deinstallation should help to avoid this problem, which was not the case for your device. So, let's see if it works again if I use both signatures in the next release.

I'm already working on it, because I was told that the keyboard support for French (and, obviously, any other language, even German) is broken. I clearly remember me typing all keys in every selectable keyboard language to record the key codes at the correct places one day in the past - and typing on the German keyboard in CPCemu sometimes. I must have overwritten the .dat file with these key bindings later. I wonder why I cannot find the correct version among all the old versions. I'll continue to look for it and will have to redo this work if I cannot find it.

To make you and @CPCBEGIN happy I included the privilege to browse directories. Unfortunately, this works only in my Android 5 emulator, not in later emulated Android versions. I have not tested in on our real Android 5 device, yet.

--- End quote ---

Thank you
Then we will wait for that new version with the new signatures.

Congrats @Emu to the new version of cpcemu. Actually cpcemu was the first CPC emulator that I ever used, years ago already on DOS. I even built the parallel port cable to transfer the ROMs and other data from my CPC to the PC  :) What I still like very much with this emulator - and what I think is a quite distinctive feature compared to the "competition" - is the feature to use |TAPE to read files directly from a directory on the hard disk (rather than having to have them in .DSK files). Unfortunately, on Linux this feature is not working as reliable anymore as previously on DOS. Because suddenly this is case sensitive although ideally it shouldn't be. Normally on the CPC it shouldn't make a difference if I say run"disc" or run "DISC", but at the moment this makes a difference. It would be great if this could be fixed.  ;)

Is there any progress for the Android version?

Has anyone with Android 5.0 been able to load dsk's without root?



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