Author Topic: CPCemu 2.3.2 released  (Read 1184 times)

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Re: CPCemu 2.3.2 released
« Reply #50 on: 23:39, 21 July 21 »
I gave now the latest CPCEmu also a try (Linux version) and I am happy to see that the case-sensitivity issue with the TAPE emulation is now resolved. Thanks a lot for that.
One thing that I noticed (and which most likely was already present in earlier versions): I tried to make cpcemu available by just copying the executable "cpcemu" into /usr/local/bin and making sure that I have the paths in /.CPCemu/cpcemu.cfg. However, there seems to be no configuration for the path of the file cpcemu.msg. Seems this file always needs to be in the current working directory from which cpcemu is started. Otherwise it will give us segfault and this debug window says "MSG: Cannot open message file cpcemu.msg".