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CPCemu 2.3.3 released

Started by Emu, 23:00, 07 July 21

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The distortion really seems to be USB only !

There's a huge sound lag when using BT but I think that's BECAUSE of BT, so never mind that ;) HDMI sound output is ok !


1994 news from AA

XNACPC – An Amstrad CPC Emulator for the Xbox 360 « Gavin Pugh


@SkulleateR : Thank you very much! So, the next check would be a different USB sound adapter. Have you tried if the USB sound is better with a 32 bit OS?



Tried with 32Bit (fresh Raspian OS install) -> same distortion

I also tried various other programs (like VICE 3.5, VLC, CPCEC, DosBOX, etc.), they all sound normal (on 64Bit this is)


Gemjam doesn't show the screen in any of the checked systems: Ubuntu 20.04, Debian 10, Raspberry pi OS, Android 10.
I make a new thread to Android version problems for avoid mixing its specific problems.
Retro & opensource


Thank you for the report. I will look into the issue. I've also found a few bugs in the meantime. And I'm still thinking of a selfmade Android keyboard.


I've found the problem. The R register of the CPU was erroneously initialised with 0xff where it should have been 0x00. Gemjam was waiting for a value less than 0x7e, which did never happen as R changes only in its lower 7 bits, but its MSB was set all the time.


Just a feature suggestion.

As a debug feature, would it be hard to have a memory coverage view.  It would comprise a reset coverage function which clears the memory coverage view.

Then, any executions beyond that track the coverage.  Coverage tracked in 2 ways, you could represent it as squares in 2 charts, but would be better 2 colours within a square like a triangle (red & blue).  One coverage is anything that goes through the PC, basically which code was executed.  The other coverage is anything that goes through any other memory access instruction.  In the case where there is both access & code executed in the same memory location - due to reallocations over time, self-modifying code or whatever else, it that is where the split square shows.  So, basically show the coverage between a reset coverage and a pause.  Perhaps you can re-reset during the pause if you are happy, and maybe you can save the coverage charts.

A future extension of this could be to allow that coverage chart to be marked (in mass) with breakpoints - like a memory protection when debugging, i.e. stop the code if it somehow jumps out of this memory space.

Not sure if anyone else thinks this is a useful feature.


The M4 support is superb!!

I miss a more flexible debugger, with the instructions flow showed and an easy method to put breakpoints, like put it with the mouse on the instructons flow like winape

It will be better for analyse code, especially for the M4 board code and behaviour.

The emulator is great, but with this... more great even  :)


To verify how faithful the M4 emulation is, you can use FutureOS 2023 including ROM M for M4. Use the installation Disc and install to M4.
If problems occur, then the emulation probably can be improved.

Why do I mention this? Up to now, I wouldn't know a 100% faithful M4 emulation. --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2023.11.30) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)

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