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CPCemu 2.3.3 released

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After nearly four months of hard work, I'm back with a new version of CPCemu. I'm very proud to present an exclusive feature:
* Complete Almost complete emulation of an M4 Board ( using a host directory as drive C: (i. e. SD card; even for SymbOS), including network/internet connections, dynamic ROM simulation and (replaceable) Hack ROM (lower ROM). The only thing missing is the web interface. Many, many thanks to Duke for providing  all necessary information and staying patient! Other new features are:
* CRTC emulation of type 0 (register 8 ) and type 1 (register 6) even better than before.
* HYSNC and VSYNC emulation still a bit improved.
* Online help updated.
* Mouse pointer visible on movements.
* Correction of many small and big errors (in particular, 576 KB RAM work correctly now for the first time after decades) and improved error reporting. Please check if your personal error has gone. If not please re-report it here. It is well possible that I missed some.
You can download the new version here:

Versions 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 correct several problems:
* File handling on systems with a case-sensitive file system.
* Missing folder "m4" in some Linux packages.
* Outdated online help on Android.
* Sound volume very high. Version corrects directory path problems in Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit version only).

Version 2.3.3 provides:
* Snapshot sizes of up to 576 K (uncompressed only).
* Default snapshot size can be changed in configuration file.
* New option to use on-screen joystick as cursor keys.
* Several bug fixes, in particular in the context of ROM handling.

Nice one  8)

Will test this on my Pi400 this evening ....

Ok, did some quick testing while taking a break from work ... looks good, works good, only some minor things :

- Sound is still way too loud (Pi400), even if I turn the volume down in the system to LOWEST setting ! Would it be possible to include a % volume into menu so you may turn down the volume inside the emu ?

- why do you use two times the same directorys ? inside cpcemu/ there are all the dirs (DISK, ROM, etc.) and they are copied over to /.CPCEmu also (same files inside) which is a hidden folder on Raspberry Linux ...

- M4 emulation is really nice but how do I do a M4 Reset or entering Hack Menu ? Did not found a key for that ... EDIT : Ok, found at least SHIFT-F1 for the Hack Menu ;)

- also M4 emulation : the emulated M4 gets the same IP as the host machine, but how do I connect to it from browser ? Even from another machine it is not possible to get to the web interface.

Nice sounding update! Maybe I should bring my 400 to the office now that summer is here :D

Btw I tried to upload some roms on CPC itself with |ROMUP,"NAME.ROM"",5 (Example) but it won't show up ....


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