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Started by megachur, 16:38, 07 October 18

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Here is a new version of my CPC emulator :  :D
Upgraded Mingw32 - G++ to 6.3.0-1 (last version available)
Upgraded SDL2 to 2.0.8            (last version available)  but retrograded to SDL2 2.0.5 because mono sound is jerky !
CDT: fixed a bug on the end detection of K7
IPF: corrected a regression on the beginning of the track since passing into unmatched MFM bits (v201805)

Thanks to Krusty advice, the code is now compiling on Linux system but doesn't work good... It's may be a SDL2 issue, I must check my code to see if there is anything Windows specific that don't work on X11 display !  :o

Here is a new version because the first had a bug at end of K7 when motor isn't stopped by the software loader - see example : Popeye 3 CDTs - you must stop and play when the loader prompt because loader let motor (PPI) always on !


good news for Linux version, hope it will work well very soon!
use RASM, the best assembler ever made :p

I will survive


I think that there is a new bug in write on floppy disk : I will fix this as soon as possible.
It's working on version 1804 but not now since internal MFM bit floppy diskdrive change !


Here is a new version with :

FD: fixed a bug on disk writing since switching to non-aligned MFM bits (201805)
ARGS: addition of the possibility of placing a cdt or wave file in the cassette player
INI: Added the ability to put emulator parameters in the CPCEPower.ini file to keep these settings.
@TODO: see to add the possibility to save them in the file if they are changed directly in the emulator.

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