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WinAPE assembler output
« on: 11:43, 19 April 20 »
I probably should have made a new topic for this question rather than appending it to my last one.

I've written a simple program, a small loop that prints some characters to the screen. The code starts with the org directive to place the code at 0x8000. At the end of the code the text to be printed is defined using db "Some text here". This is just after another org &8100 statement to place the text a little further away from the code.

The code runs in the emulator and works as expected. Using the debugger, I can see the code and data in the expected locations in memory. However, when I look at the file output from the assembler using a hex editor, the text data is placed directly after the code. I would have expected the text data to appear at location 0x0100 in the file. I've tried using the TEXT directive as mentioned in the Maxam manual but this behaves in the same way.

What I want to be able to do is use the output of the assembler to program a ROM after debugging it with WinAPE. Where am I going wrong ?
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