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CPCEPower v2104


v2104 - Windows 10 x86 & x64 - MacOS x64 - Linux x64 and Pi4

CDT: Correct a bug in ID 15 - now currentPulse is always keep. Code refactoring.

WAV: 16 bits or 24 bits values was not correctly compared to middle sample value to determinate 0 or 1 signal !

Enjoy    !

Can you add .dsk registration and auto-launching? :)


--- Quote from: Gryzor on 10:03, 21 April 21 ---Can you add .dsk registration and auto-launching? :)

--- End quote ---
Yes, very easy on Windows :
1 - Make a 'CPCEPower.bat' file2 - Edit it and add this line :

--- Quote ---start -Change-Your-Path-Here-\CPCEPower_SDL.exe -c6128 -0 %1

--- End quote ---
the option -c6128 is to open the emulator on 6128 CPC by defaut, so all file dsk, cdt, etc. will load and if it's cartridge, 6128+/ASIC will be choosen automaticaly by the emulator !
you can add other option for language, crtc, etc.

2 - Save !
3 - Change -Change-Your-Path-Here- with your correct path where you put the CpcEPower.For Example : E:\CPCEPower_SDL_Multithread
4 - When promted by Windows choose this CPCEPower.bat to open dsk, cdt, sna, cpr, etc.
Or click right on a .dsk file and open with, choose another application, check 'always use this application to open .dsk file' and choose the CPCEPower.bat as application.
Or go to Windows Parameters / Applications / Application by default / Choose application by default by type of file / and associate CPCEPower.bat with right file extension...

I hope it will help you !

Damn. It had NEVER ever occurred to me to associate a file type with a .bat file!!!


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