cpctelera : has the caprice here bank_0 bis bank_4 ?

Started by funkheld, 15:22, 12 February 21

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Hi good afternoon.

I use bank_0 to bank_4 with the caprice with cpctelera.
and RAMCFG_4 to RAMCFG_7 with the ram setting.
see image.

is that correct please?

Thank you.


Again, this topic has nothing to do with CPCtelera. This is a question regarding Caprice emulator.

Please, think what you are asking before tagging it, and tag things properly. Please, stop tagging with CPCtelera things that have nothing to do with it.



you do not understand it.

my question was whether the cpctelera commands fit the 256kb and 64kb RAM.
bank_0 to bank_4 are 5 banks.

64kb and 256kb are 320kb plus 64kb of the basic system.



Quote from: funkheld on 16:55, 13 February 21
you do not understand it.
Yes, that might be the problem. Nothing to do with your lack of knowledge of the hardware of the Amstrad CPC, which is how you switch banks.

The hardware configurations you are using are standard Amstrad CPC configurations, not CPCtelera inventions. RAMCFG_4 and RAMCFG_7 are simple constants with the values the Amstrad CPC uses for such configurations. You could do exactly the same with 4 assembly instructions, which is exactly what CPCtelera does: just an interface to set up Amstrad CPC hardware values.

This is not a CPCtelera issue. Nor CPCtelera has nothing to do with RAM configurations, how they work on emulators or how they act on different machine settings. This is a hardware question, not a CPCtelera question.

But, of course, you may continue believing that CPCtelera is some kind of magic wand you put spells on, and that everything that happens depends on the wand and the spell. And it might be the case that you are right. After all, who am I to decide on how computers and software want to do on their own accord. Let's free CPCtelera from the opression of how hardware works. Then we might actually do real magic with it.

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