Arnold can't get + symbol from keyboard

Started by james, 23:09, 09 March 14

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I'm trying to type in a simple BASIC program in Arnold on Linux (Arch Linux, Arnold TNG via AUR AUR (en) - arnold ) but am stumped trying to find which key to press to obtain the + (add/plus) symbol.

After experimenting on my UK keyboard I thought I'd look in the Arnold source and try and map one of the apparently unused keys to provide a + symbol but my initial investigations so far suggest the plus key isn't catered for - I find references to CPC_KEY_MINUS but nothing for its converse +, no CPC_KEY_PLUS, no CPC_KEY_ADD.

Only workaround so far is to print chr$(43) and to copy it in.


+ is shift and ; on the CPC, which is shift and ' on my laptop (2 keys right of L).


I'm a bit late.  So I say only one word - plus4emu.

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