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dMagnetic 0.26 - Magnetic Scrolls emulator

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Here’s some information from

Version 0.26 (31-oct-2020)

This release enables Amstrad CPC enthusiasts to replay the games by loading the game binaries from DSK image files. The awesome pictures have been preserved, and offer a nostalgic experience.

I downloaded and compiled it on MacOS, and tried to run The Pawn from CPC-Power, but the program only recognises standard dsk files and not extended dsk ones.

The differences are not that much and would be nice to have them supported.

I’ve not had a go yet, but hope to soon. I’m sure it would be possible to contact the programmer about that.

So, this allows you to load various versions of Magnetic Scrolls games and play them in a terminal, rendering the system-specific images in ANSI? Am I getting this correctly?

version 0.27 is out since 1st November, no idea for the changes


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